Let me polish your prose

In my 40-year career as a Christian author and national award-winning writer I have written and edited it all — from novels, devotionals and self-help books to magazines and newspapers.

Polishing manuscripts, making them sparkle and move smoothly along, exciting the reader to read on — all this I can do for your project, including free publication as an eBook.

So many people have written works that could be best-sellers, change people’s lives, encourage, inspire and challenge readers, and yet those manuscripts have permanent places in a chest in the attic. They were unable to garner interest either from a publisher or a literary agent. Perhaps the agent or publisher read no further than to notice too many grammatical errors, poorly constructed sentences, or an untenable story line and didn’t look far enough to see the gem hidden inside. In many instances, the best place for a manuscript is as an eBook for the tens of millions of Kindle and Nook readers.

In these cases, I can help.

Do you possess a story inside you that is busting to “get out”? Have you already written it but have tired of rejections and given up on your creation as a lost cause? Do you simply need to know the next step in your path toward traditional or digital publication?

At Polish It! I can be your personal editor, reworking your copy or simply advising.

Contact me at: www.polish-it.com, gripfast@roadrunner.com, or 207-312-4495.


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June 14, 2013 · 10:43 pm